Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Dear Sun:

You and I have a rocky history, what with the blistering sunburns as a kid...the years I lived in LA resenting you, not realizing how much I was taking advantage of you.

I'd like to call a truce though. Maybe you come around more often and maybe I stop complaining so much about your oppressive heat waves and unnecessary reddening of my sensitive, delicate Irish skin.

These last six months without you have been harder on me then any years prior. I thought moving up here would be great! Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I missed it. I missed snow, and rain. But now after 5 years of being back makes me pine for the days where I didn't have to plan my day around whether or not my socks would need to be changed twice because of the rain.

I used to enjoy the dark, gray dreariness of the PNW winters...reveled in the snow we'd receive, laugh at the Emerald City drivers who couldn't (or wouldn't) put up with it.

But now! Dear Gawd in Heaven bring back the bright warm hug of your rays!!!

When I woke up this morning and you were bursting through the bedroom blinds, I almost CRIED I was so excited. If my big fat ass could've managed it, I would've SKIPPED from my car to the office this morning!

Lunch was glorious! I got out and walked over the freeway and to the little park at the bottom of the hill that overlooks downtown and the bay. It was freaking amazing!

Tonight when I got home, me and The Dog went for a 1.79 mile walk in JUST. A. SWEATSHIRT!!!

So...from me to you, Sun. Truce, mkay?
Love you!
Fat Chick

So anyway!

My walk tonight was intense. I live at the bottom of a big hill, so when I left I walked straight up to the top, across one block, down that hill, across to the next street, up, over, down...and so on for 5 blocks. Then around a big loop and down to the bottom of another hill, and over again, up the last hill and home again.

To say that I was out of breath is a bit of an understatement. Since these last two weeks I've only been averaging about a mile a week (Down to the corner and back usually), tonights walk pretty much wasted me!

I really do hope that todays amazing weather (SIXTY! DEGREES! SUNNY!) keeps it up and continues improving! It's amazing what it does for my emotional health as well as my physical.

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