Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Loop

Me and The Dog went for our usual walk through the 'hood tonight. I do a route through the neighborhood that I call "The Loop"...It's got this loop right in the middle and it's got this really steep uphill climb. When I first started this route it would take me 50-60 minutes to do it. It's 1.4-ish miles long. It took me an hour. I'd have to stop about halfway up the hill to catch my breath (Luckily The Dog likes to sniff...a it looked like I was letting him explore but really I was trying not to pass the Hell out).

Pretty soon The Loop took me 45 minutes, with only one stop halfway up the hill.

Now? A month into it? It takes me 33 minutes and I don't stop even once. Lastnight my daughter went with me and we were so busy talking and laughing I didn't even notice that we were going uphill until we got to the top.

I think when I go out tomorrow I'm going to add another section to the route, kick it up a notch or two. I think I'm ready. I really do feel good.

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