Friday, January 25, 2013

Back on...

I joined Weight Watchers tonight and am in the process of setting my account up and getting back into the swing of things!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Big goals

I have some friends who are really into 5K's.  They don't run them all the time, sometimes they walk.  I would like to eventually start jogging again, but I have to be careful with my foot.  I broke it 10 years ago and it never fully recovered.  When I've tried jogging previously, my ankle swells up and hurts for days afterwards.

For now, I will walk.  And walk.  And walk.

We were signed up to do the Jingle Bell Run in December, but I got horribly sick two days before the race and had to back out.  I was so so so so mad!

A few other races I'm signing up for this year...

Do you have any big goals for 2013 and fitness?

Hey, Fat Girl

I've seen this circulating Facebook and every time one of my friends post it, I read it.  And every time I read it, I cry.  And cry.  And cry.  I'm that girl!  I'm the fat girl you see working my way slowly around the lake, trying to not make eye contact with the people who are "in-shape" because I don't fit in with them.  I do though, I mean, I do.   We're all working for the same thing, health and wellness.  We all have our struggles, we all have those days where nothing we do is motivational enough to get out of bed to exercise.

The difference would seem to be that they have fewer of those days than me!

Hey, Fat Girl - 
Yes, you. The one feigning to not see me when we cross paths on the running track. The one not even wearing sports gear, breathing heavy. You’re slow, you breathe hard and your efforts at moving forward make you cringe. 

You cling shyly to the furthest corridor, sometimes making larger loops on the gravel ring by the track just so you’re not on it. You sweat so much that your hair is all wet. You rarely stay for more than 20 minutes at a time, and you look exhausted when you leave to go back home.  You never talk to anyone. I’ve got something I’d like to say to you. 
You are awesome. 
If you’d look me in the eye only for an instant, you would notice the reverence and respect I have for you. The adventure you have started is tremendous; it leads to a better health, to renewed confidence and to a brand new kind of freedom. The gifts you will receive from running will far exceed the gigantic effort it takes you to show up here, to face your fears and to bravely set yourself in motion, in front of others. 
You have already begun your transformation. You no longer accept this physical state of numbness and passivity. You have taken a difficult decision, but one that holds so much promise. Every hard breath you take is actually a tad easier than the one before, and every step is ever so slightly lighter. Each push forward leaves the former person you were in your wake, creating room for an improved version, one that is stronger, healthier and forward-looking, one who knows that anything is possible. 
You’re a hero to me. And, if you’d take off the blaring headphones and put your head up for more than a second or two, you would notice that the other runners you cross, the ones that probably make you feel so inadequate, stare in awe at your determination. They, of all people, know best where you are coming from. They heard the resolutions of so many others, who vowed to pick up running and improve their health, “starting next week”. Yet, it is YOU who runs alongside, who digs from deep inside to find the strength to come here, and to come back again. 
You are a runner, and no one can take that away from you. You are relentlessly moving forward. You are stronger than even you think, and you are about to be amazed by what you can do. One day, very soon, maybe tomorrow, you’ll step outside and marvel at your capabilities. You will not believe your own body, you will realize that you can do this. And a new horizon will open up for you. You are a true inspiration. 
I bow to you.

See the original post at Flintland

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

If there has ever been a year that I'm thankful to have behind me, it's 2012.  I'm not going to go into details, but the last 2 and a half years have been hard, and last year was by far the hardest.  Shortly after my last post here, I fell off the feel-good wagon and landed in a 6 month long puddle of depression.  I pretty much gave up on everything, and unfortunately my wellness plan was one of the things I let go.

I've gained back all of the weight that I'd worked so hard to lose.  I'm back up to 338 pounds and down to my last shred of self confidence and esteem.  This weekend I uploaded some pictures of me taken at Christmas and seeing how big I've gotten, really shook me.  You don't really ever notice it until you see a picture of yourself after a few months.

One of things that I stopped doing when depression hit was all the walking I had been enjoying.  I was doing 2 or 3 miles a day and I could feel how good it made me feel.  I didn't realize how good it was for treating my depression either until I went for a walk the other day and felt so great when I got home.

I've never been one to set "New Years Resolutions".  New Years is actually my least favorite holiday.  It feels like all you're doing is making a bunch of promises to yourself where, at the end of the year you get to look back on the big bag of empty, unfulfilled promises.

One thing I  do like to do is set goals for myself.  Some of the goals I have for myself this  year are:

  1. Focus more on me.
    1. Hang out with friends more
    2. Be more assertive when people ask my opinion, stop giving them so much power over me
    3. Spend more time doing things that I like to do
    4. Read more books
  2. Exercise more.
    1. Take more walks
    2. Work the Couch to 5k Training Program
    3. Start ticking off some of the trails on my All Trails wish list
  3. Save money.
  4. Enjoy time with my daughter.
    1. She's growing up so fast.  She'll be 12 soon.  Learn to be more patient.  Learn to let her grow up.