Thursday, March 3, 2011

I didn't walk tonight

It's so freaking mother-effing cold here that even sitting inside is almost too cold to bear. The Dog hates me for it and I hate that I didn't suck it up and do it but I'll be at it tomorrow.


Anyway, I didn't really log in just to 'fess up about not walking tonight. On my horrific drive home tonight (An hour to go 10 miles...HELP!) I found myself craving food. Not a particular food, but f.o.o.d. I wanted to freaking stuff my face. I wasn't hungry. I wasn't even bored...or necessarily all that stressed, I was just sitting in traffic seething through my teeth about how ridiculous it all is, and something washed over me that said, "STUFF FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH! SCREW WEIGHT WATCHERS! LIE! Don't count it on your tracker! JUST DO IT! You know you want to!" ........ and I did ........... which is why I don't keep food in my car.

I didn't eat anything, since I don't have food in the car, but I'm pretty sure that had there been food in the car there wouldn't be any crumbs left by the time I got home.

What are your triggers? Mine is obviously road rage and traffic. I know I also suffer from stress-eating, boredom eating, anger eating...etc. All the normal triggers, but also this weird little random one.

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