Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In 19.0

Weigh in
Last weigh-in: 329.8 lbs
Current weigh-in: 326 lbs
Change: -3.8 lbs
Dear #326:
Oh. I've been waiting for you. Since February 25th, 2011 to be exact. I've cried for you. Ached for you. BEGGED for you. Went on anti-depressants for you! Not that I didn't enjoy seeing the first 12 lbs come and go...the only problem with them is they kept coming...and going....coming...and going. It got tiresome. I'm happy that you're here. Let's not ruin it though by having you outstay your welcome and next week how about you bring me an even lower, new number. Mmkay? kaythanksbye!
Lastnight me and The Kid went for a long walk. Not just along the top of our hill either, we did "The Loop"...which is a 1.42 mile walk and about half of that is a long steady climb to the top and then we loop back down to our street and come home. The distance isn't that far when you look at some of the other walks I've done, but considering that I've been doing .3's and .5's for the last two weeks in order to not screw my foot up again, this is a "nice long walk".
It felt good too. Especially having that time with The Kid. She's a lot of fun and because of work being insane lately, going through this depression this summer, I haven't been as engaged with her as I'd like to be. So every chance I get, we go for a walk together, or we snuggle in the recliner. We always have amazingly funny conversations on our walks too. For instance...lastnight we're walking along and she's quiet (which is r.a.r.e.) and she starts saying "5...4...3...2...1....................AWWW! Come ON!" and I said, "What?" She said, "I was counting down to a burp and it didn't WORK!"
Long story short...we really had fun and as we were walking home she grabbed my hand and asked me if we could do it again. I feel bad for how much my depression has effected her this time. Last time I was going through this she was much younger and I'm not sure she understood much, but now she's older and can see me going through this and it worries her and I know it makes her sad too. It's a nice feeling knowing that I'm coming out of it, feeling better, and moving on.

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