Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yeah yeah yeah. I'm a terrible blogger. And worse than that? I'm also a terribly depressed, bad dieter. Ugh.
Anywho - I finally had enough of the darkness around me and went to see my doctor. He prescribed me Wellbutrin. That on top of the thyroid medication I'm on, should help my mood...and my internal body temperature (I feel like I'm burning up ALL. THE. TIME.)...and help my motivation, which should eventually all combine together to help me with my ultimate goal here which is to lose weight and feel better about myself.
One of the things I've committed myself to doing again is recording my points. I *thought* even though I'd stopped recording them, that I had a pretty good handle on what I was eating and thought maybe I could drop WW and just start monitoring my own food intake. Out of curiosity though I recorded a daily food diary and almost passed out. I was going way over my points, and didn't even realize it. I felt like I was in control before but I was slowly but surely slipping and losing control and not paying attention to my diet.  I was eating lunch out more and more, which means fast food.  My dinner portions were getting bigger - and greasier - and I wasn't making breakfast smoothies anymore, choosing to skip breakfast completely most days.
Things obviously had gotten to a very low point for me and I finally snapped myself out of it.  I went to the store and bought a bunch of Lean Cuisine meals.  My favorite is the Garlic Chicken steamer lunch, but they're kind of expensive so I bought a few of those and bunch of the normal lunches in different varieties.  The only kind of frozen lunch I have a hard time getting on board with is mexican food.  I just can't eat frozen tortillas.  The pasta dishes and the "comfort food" type dishes are what I tend to stick with. 
I think I just have to keep reminding myself that losing weight is a process.  It's not easy.  I think what baffles me most is that you don't even hardly notice when you're's so easy...and fun (One one of my darker days...I ate Popeyes Chicken EVERYDAY for a week for dinner.  The 4-piece meal.  It was fun...and made me feel the time.) 
Anyways - here's hoping people that read this are still doing well with your weight loss...and here's hoping you still come around here to see what I'm up to!

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  1. I too had a rough patch a few weeks back. I HAD lost 10 lbs. I ended up gaining 14 lbs back. So I am in my first week back at trying this all over again.

    This happens, if this weight loss thing was easy we'd all be there by now, right? Just stick with it and know we'll take steps back, the trick is to keep moving forward regardless. Good luck to you! And welcome back!