Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Exercise challenges & a check-in

Tonight I went for my regular walk with my family and since it's snowing and freezing here, the streets were super icy and hard to walk on.  Normally I like to walk fairly briskly and take longer strides, but tonight I had to practically shuffle my feet and went the pace of a snail.

We're supposed to get more snow overnight, up to 6 inches, I secretly have my fingers crossed that my office closes tomorrow, but I'm not sure.  They've been threatening us with snow all week and so far we've only gotten about an inch.  If it does snow though and I'm home tomorrow I'm really looking forward to going hiking in the snow.

On Track
I do feel like I'm getting back on track.  I went over my points today, but that's what they give you the "weekly" points for, right?  The stuff I ate wasn't unhealthy, I just ate more than I normally would because I was hungrier than I normally am.  The only "naughty" things  I had today was a donut hole (Just one! Yay!) and 5 french fries from McDonalds (individual...not orders HAAA!) For dinner I had a Subway Spicy Italian, which used to be my favorite there but after tonight I'm thinking I've lost my taste for it.  It tasted too meaty or something.  I think I'll switch back to the chicken from now on.

Anywho - I'm feeling better and getting my diet in order.

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