Monday, January 16, 2012

My most important advice to myself...and you

...if "you" are still reading this!

Don't ever ever ever EVER assume that you can do this on your own.  Trust me.  You can't.  You need a support group, you need a plan.  You need motivation and you need focus.  Getting up in the morning and saying, "I can control this without help" is a lie.  And you know it. 
I just had to re-remind myself of this little piece of advice on Friday at my disastrous weigh-in.   I've gained back all but 6 pounds of the 20 I was down.

To say that I'm disgusted is an understatement.  My problem, and I recognize it fully now - is that I started getting cocky and assuming that since I was doing so well on Weight Watchers that I could start managing it on my own without recording my points and my exercise.  Slowly, week by week, I watched the pounds come back.  I stopped blogging, I stopped holding myself accountable.  I kept thinking, "It's only a pound, I'll make it up this week."  A pound a week adds up.  No shit huh?


  1. But you're back now! That's what's important. I too had some set backs. I had lost 15 lbs, going from 250 to 235, and I not only gained those 15 lbs back, I got up to 260. And this was only between Sept and Nov. I was ashamed big time.

    But I decided that I will either give up or pick myself up off the floor. And I choose the latter. I set up weekly goals and I do my best to live up to those goals every week. I'm not perfect and I still give in to cravings, but slowly I'm getting better.

    I know you will push through this and we will be here to support you all the way!

  2. Yes, I *am* back now! And you're right, that is what matters the most! Thank you for the encouragement, I definitely need it. I'm sorry about your setback, I can relate, a few years ago I was down to 308 lbs and then gave up my personal trainer and within a year was up to 338! Yikes. Talk about a shock. Good luck to you!