Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In 12.0

Last weigh-in: 327 lbs
Current weigh-in: 326.8 lbs
Change: -0.2 lbs


It only took me 12 weeks to figure this out but over there ----> on the right side of my page I've been tracking my weight loss. Just recently I happened to notice that what I was recording over there didn't match what Weight Watchers has been recording. I thought, "How is that possible?!" Well, simple really. I was only keeping track of my losses, and not adding in the couple of gains I had. I'd lost almost 13 lbs according to my calculations, when in reality I'm only down about 11 lbs since I started this 12 weeks ago.

Speaking of that......

Should I be frustrated that I'm only down 11 lbs? That's averaging about a lb per week, so should that be fine or should I be down closer to 20 lbs? This is why I don't read the community boards on WW anymore. Everyone had lost like 15 lbs in their first month or two and I was only down less than 5 lbs. It's depressing if I approach it that way. Not so much depressing if I only stick to reading the blogs on here that I follow. It seems like the other blogs I follow are more in sync with me. Does that mean I'm not following WW correctly? Am I wasting money? Should I cancel WW and go it alone with the use of free online tools? Grrr.


I've been giving running/jogging more and more thought. I used to love running. After I broke my ankle it was hard for me to do it though. After awhile I gave up completely. When I power walk, or attempt to jog, my ankle swells up to the size of a baseball and hurts for several days. I KNOW! I should get that checked. I kept hoping that eventually the more exercise I did, the less that would happen, but so far I haven't noticed much of a difference.

I'd love to try the C25K program, but I think I'll need to consult a doctor first. The last thing I would ever want is to hurt my ankle again and be unable to do any kind of exercise. I think we can all agree that the amount of exercise I'm doing now is 10x better than no exercise at all!


  1. Any weight loss is good weight loss. Losing 1 lbs a week is something I would recommend if you want to keep it off. No more than 2 lbs per week. And because everyone loses weight differently be careful not to compare yourself with others,it will only make you feel like you're failing. Take me for example. It took me 6 weeks to lose 5 lbs. But instead of focusing on how long it took, I instead see that I met another 5 lbs weight loss goal, which leaves me with a feeling of success! I think you're doing just fine! Keep following your program, stay within your points and try for 30 minutes of exercise everyday!

    Also, running is a great way to loss weight, but it is stressful on the joints. I will be starting the C25K myself soon (I was suppose to start a month ago but I've been lazy). Get everything cleared with your Doc first and they will suggest ways to keep your ankle safe. Good luck! And keep us posted!

  2. losing 1 pound per week is normal. anywhere for 1-2 pounds is healthy weight loss and is what most doctors recommend. also the couch to 5k is a good program, you know your body better than anyone, so if your ankle starts to bother you, take it easy, maybe try it on an elliptical machine first since it is low impact. then move to running on the road or treadmill. i agree with Sarah dont focus on how long it takes, focus on what you are doing. and giving yourself small goals to reach is a good way to see how far you are getting, like when i get down to 200 pounds, i am getting a new purse when i get to 180 i am getting a massage etc.
    good luck, you are doing great!