Thursday, February 3, 2011

A reality check

Exercise: Tonight I walked 1.4 miles in 34:38
I am 65% of the way to my goal of walking 26.2 miles in a month (I started on January 14th so my month ends on February 14th)

My ankles hurt.
My knees hurt.
My lower back hurts.

I go on 2-3 mile walks daily and after coming home, if I sit for a few minutes and then get up to walk around, I almost collapse in pain.

It got to the point where I didn't want to exercise anymore...which is the opposite reaction I want to have.  I really enjoy walking, it feels good to be out in the fresh air, it feels good to keep track of my progress on Map My Walk. When I come home and look at my route, it makes me want to go farther the next time so I can beat my best route.

When I come home though and I can't walk or stand or move, it defeats the purpose.

I am only 30 years old.

I should not feel like this.

My health is worse than that of a 70 year old woman.

I feel crippled most of the time.

It's time to do something. Serious. Drastic. Big time. Now.

I went to the doctor yesterday. I told him everything I've been through with weight. All the pain, both emotionally and physically. I need his help. I can't do it alone anymore.

I'm not the fat chick. I don't want to be that person anymore.

He's going to refer me to a surgeon to have Lap Band surgery.

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